The National Council for Behavioral Health found that the most significant root cause of the mental health crisis is the lack of access to mental health services. Often people run into a variety of barriers when trying to get connected to a therapist or medication management professional. In some communities, the resources themselves are not available within a reasonable drive time. Luckily in Racine, we have several mental health resources that community members can access, but the list of providers can be daunting to sift through. 

It can be challenging and discouraging to call a giant list of providers to decide which therapist would be the best fit. Questions that come up: if the clinic takes your insurance, how long the waitlist is, if it is on your bus route or not, and if you do not have insurance, the ability to self pay. At a time where you may feel stressed and overwhelmed, taking all of these pieces into consideration can feel exhausting and unmanageable.

What is the solution for this in Racine?

Racine County has a new resource to connect community members to mental health supports within two business days! This resource can be located at on the main page. A person can refer themselves, refer their child, or refer on behalf of a parent with a signed release of information. The person completing the referral will select one of 10 providers that are currently taking clients and take a variety of insurance types. Upon visiting selecting the service, the consumer is looking for, combined with their payment type, all providers who do not meet these criteria will not appear. This makes a short, manageable list of provider options. Once a provider is selected, the person will then complete a brief referral. That clinic will then follow up with the client within two business days.

How do I complete a referral for services?

  1. Go to
  2. Click this box on the main page
  3. Click the service type you are seeking and insurance type
  4. Medication Management
  5. Therapy
  6. All providers that do not offer the selected service and insurance type, will not appear. Select the provider you wish to send a secure referral to
  7. Complete the questions in the referral
  8. You will get an e-mail confirmation and the provider will contact you in two business days.


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