Times are tough, but they don’t have to be.

Racine County Eye is kicking off a twice-a-month video series called Racine County Speaks, a program about organizations that help. In our first episode, Hollie White, the project coordinator for Improving Children’s Mental Health Through School and Community, talks about how Racine County Eye residents can find help on their new website.

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Need help? Racine County website connects you to local resources

RacineCountyFamilyResources.com is a new website to Racine County with a full-service directory of local resources, 30,000 peer-reviewed health articles, and a mental health referral pathway! Let us help you find what you are looking for! Here are some direct links for you! Looking for food resources in Racine? Go here.Need a good housing resource such…

Racine County Food Resources

Racine County Family Resources Community Calendar Offers Quick Access to Food Resources

Community Calendar The community calendar features a variety of different events virtually and in-person throughout Racine County, https://racine.wi.networkofcare.org/family/calendar.aspx. Mobile Market Go to the Racine County Family Resources website calendar to see up to date information and dates for the month of November! The calendar lists the date, location, and time. The mobile market is stocked…

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Reliable Information on Health Topics

Comprehensive library of national resources Looking for information on health topics of all varieties? Look no further! RacineCountyFamilyResources.com has an online library of 30,000 peer-reviewed and easy to read on a variety of topics such as: Physical health, i.e. pain, allergies, asthma, cancer, sexual health, diabetes, digestion, and moreRecreation, fitness, and exerciseHealthy eating, weight managementInfant…

Racine County COVID-19

Need Help Now? Looking for local resources during COVID-19?

In non-COVID times, it can be difficult for community members to find local health and wellness resources for consumers can be very difficult, but during a pandemic, this task can seem near impossible. Now there is a new local online resource that can help Racine community members navigate resources here in Racine! The RacineCountyFamilyResources.com website…

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Get Connected to a Therapist or Medication Management Professional

The National Council for Behavioral Health found that the most significant root cause of the mental health crisis is the lack of access to mental health services. Often people run into a variety of barriers when trying to get connected to a therapist or medication management professional. In some communities, the resources themselves are not…

Racine County mental health

Here’s Your 1-Stop-Shop for Racine County Mental Health Resources

Finding help for Racine County mental health resources when times are tough can be a daunting task. Need information on where school food pickups are? Are you having a difficult time paying your rent? Are you struggling with isolation and stress? For these and several other needs you may have, RacineCountyFamilyResources.com is the spot for…

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