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Prevent Blindness Wisconsin

Job Title: Racine County Vision Screening Coordinator 

Minimum Qualifications: Strong communication, organizational, interpersonal skills and ability to work independently is required. Experience or stated desire to work with community volunteers, school personnel, and young children from diverse backgrounds. Computer literacy with Microsoft Office and database software. Ability to provide own transportation to screening sites is required. Computer with an internet connection is required. Background check required. 

Background: Founded in 1958, Prevent Blindness Wisconsin improves the lives of children, adults, and families through early detection of eye conditions to prevent blindness and preserve sight. On-going vision screening activities and state-wide public health education lead to a lifetime of healthy vision. Our vision is for each Wisconsin resident to have a healthy vision at every stage of life. 

Prevent Blindness Wisconsin works in Racine County through the Racine Unified School District and 21st Century Preparatory School, Burlington Area, Kansasville, Raymond, Union Grove, and Yorkville School Districts to provide free, comprehensive vision screenings to children ages 3-5. These vision screenings identify children with possible vision problems and refer them to further vision care. To ensure children receive the vision care they need, Prevent Blindness Wisconsin has developed follow-up resources and classroom education to be used in Racine County elementary schools. 

Preferred Qualifications: Experience with community health, bilingual (Spanish), experience working with preschool-age children 

Purpose: This position supports the mission of Prevent Blindness Wisconsin by providing vision screenings to children, with the help of community volunteers, in Racine County elementary schools and childcare centers. Additionally, the position will further support Prevent Blindness Wisconsin’s new initiative to provide follow-up resources and education to students after a vision screening referral throughout the entire county of Racine. 

Reports to: Amelia Braman, Vision Care Advocate 

Principle Duties: The Coordinator will deliver children’s vision screenings for children ages 3-5 in Racine County elementary schools and childcare centers. Specific duties will include: 

  • Participate in vision screener training and certification provided by Prevent Blindness Wisconsin 
  • Coordinate with Vision Care Advocate on screening event’s schedule (September – May) 
  • Distribute pre-screening materials to appropriate school contact at least one week prior to the screening event 
  • Transport screening materials to vision screening sites 
  • Set up materials at the vision screening sites 
  • Support/screen at the vision screening site 
  • Interpret and record vision screening results 
  • Schedule and present Prevent Blindness Wisconsin’s Your Amazing Eyes 30-minute storytime as needed by Vision Care Advocate 
  • Record screening results and follow-up information using Prevent Blindness Wisconsin’s online data entry system 
  • Adhere to Prevent Blindness Wisconsin’s recommended vision screening follow-up schedule 
  • Provide follow up phone calls for schools and childcare centers 
  • Maintain follow up letter tracking document using Microsoft Teams 
  • Attend staff meetings in Milwaukee office and staff events as needed 

Number of position open:

Hours: Up to 20 hours per week | Vision Screenings occur Monday through Thursday between 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. | Hours Flexible 

Anticipated Starting Date: September 2019 

Application: Please submit a cover letter, resume, and three references. 

Please send to: 

Breanna Overesch 

Prevent Blindness Wisconsin 731 N. Jackson Street, Suite 405 Milwaukee, WI 53202 T: (414) 765-0505 F: (414) 765-0377