Racine Zoo’s Hodari, one of three African lion cubs born two years ago, is trading in his cheesehead when he heads to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in Fort Wayne, IN, later this week.

He is moving to Indiana to start his own pride, an important step in the conservation process to manage the survival of certain species.

Fort Wayne lost their lion, Bill, and has missed having a male lion. Racine Zoo Curator of Conservation and Animal Care Theresa Donarski said in a press release that Hodari has been a playful joy to have in Racine.

“We will undoubtedly miss Hodari and his charismatic playfulness. He is always a joy to be around. Fort Wayne is going to just love him as much as we do.” she said. “We have hope for the future.”

Hodari will be paired with Ina after a slow introduction to make sure they’re a match. Fort Wayne visitors can expect to see Hodari sometime in 2017.