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Racine police say they were forced to fire Sunday on two loose dogs who were aggressive and chasing children.

Officers were called Sunday morning to the 1700 block of Connolly in reference to two pit bulls dogs running loose, chasing children and acting aggressively. The pair also tried to attack another dog in the 1500 block of Grove and charged at police when they arrived and tried to exit their vehicles.

Police requested the tranquilizer gun, but while they waited officers say they saw the dogs attack a cat in front of a home in the 1400 block of Deane Blvd.

“Officers continued to witness aggressive behavior from the two dogs, at which time, due to the aggressive nature of the dogs, lethal force was used in the interest of public safety,” Racine Police Chief Art Howell said in an email to Racine County Eye.

One dog died at the scene and the other – which ran to a driveway in the 1500 block of Deane Blvd. – will most likely require surgery for its wounds, he added.

2 replies on “Racine Police Shoot Two Dogs, Killing One”

  1. My husband encountered these dogs on the 1500 block of West Blvd and said that he had just been attacked (with hugs and kisses) by two of the friendliest pit bulls he has ever met in his life. I would like to see some video evidence of this “aggression” because I am not buying it. I think our civil servants need more training and we need a better animal control system.

  2. These two dogs walked within 10 feet of me in my back yard. They showed no aggressive behavior. I firmly believe that unloading 6 gun shots in a residential neighborhood and then openly displaying the dead animal when removing it from the scene is horrible especially in a neighborhood with children. I also witnessed the officers story change about 4 times in a matter of 15 minutes.

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