Nonprofit Mission and Vision Statements

The Mission of the Racine Public Library is to enhance our community’s quality of life by providing information, ideas, and creative works.

Please provide a paragraph or so about what your organization does in the community. Include any recent achievements, projects, and goals.

The Racine Public Library promotes the free exchange of information, through access to information for all.

What would you like the general public to know about your organization and ways they can help/support you?

Your library card gives you access to unlimited book check outs, DVD rentals, CD rentals, free online classes, Wisconsin databases,, tech rentals, and tons of awesome programs!

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In addition to our education features, we’ll be kicking off a series of stories highlighting how parents, students, and educators are adapting to the impact of COVID-19 on education. If this is important to you, please consider donating to our education reporting fund.