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After weeks of rumors, officials with the school district are acknowledging that superintendents – including Lolli Haws – have subbed at area schools under assumed names.

The goal, RUSD spokesperson Stacy Tapp told The Journal Times, was to give leaders an inside look at a teacher’s day without putting too much pressure on school staff.

“When they arrived in the buildings they announced themselves. The intent was to ensure no unnecessary pressure or stress was placed on teachers. And the goal was to provide as normal an environment as possible,” she is quoted as saying.

The practice came under fire last week after a complaint was filed against Haws because of an incident that reportedly happened on April 25 when she subbed in a first grade classroom at Knapp Elementary. Neither the District nor the Kenosha Department of Human Services Department’s Division of Children and Family Services – which is handling the investigation – will comment on the exact nature of the complaint.

RUSD’s Chief Academic Officer Rosalie Daca and Chief of Human Capital Dan Thielen also took substitute teaching assignments. They split the day Feb. 25 in a math class at Gilmore Middle School, reportedly without incident, the story reads.

Not everyone thinks Unified leaders subbing in schools – though all have the necessary licensing and education requirements – is a good idea. Racine Education Association Vice-President Aaron Eick called it a “failed practice.”

We want to know: what do you think of this idea?

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