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Racine-area residents are headed to Madison Monday to participate in an AFL-CIO rally against proposed right-to-work legislation.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, announced Friday he was calling an extraordinary session of the Legislature to take up right-to-work legislation.

“As a strong supporter of right to work, I welcome the opportunity to take up legislation that gives Wisconsin workers the freedom to choose to join a union … Wisconsin should be a right-to-work state,” he said in a statement emailed to media. “The public widely supports worker freedom and the potential positive impact to the state’s economy can no longer be ignored. I drafted right-to-work legislation as a freshman lawmaker and I look forward to passing the bill once it’s approved in the Senate.”

Randy Bryce, former candidate for state senate and member of Ironworkers Local 8, is making the trek because, he said, it’s important for lawmakers to know they don’t have the support of all residents.

“It’s important because it needs to be shown that these extreme policies being snuck through are not supported by everyone in the state,” he said. “A rally won’t stop them from ramming horrible legislation down our throats, but, it will allow concerned citizens to exercise their First Amendment Rights, and plan ahead for the next steps to be taken.”

In a poll posted Friday, 51 percent of Racine County Eye readers said they oppose the legislation; 37 percent said they think right-to-work is the right way to go; and 12 percent said they were either undecided or didn’t have enough information.

Passage of the right-to-work bill would only affect private-sector unions, prohibiting businesses and unions from reaching agreements that would require workers join the union and pay dues.

Public employee unions like police and fire would not be affected, a story at reads. Act 10 already addressed this issue with most other public employee unions like those for teachers and public works.

The rally is scheduled for noon Tuesday at the State Capitol on the State Street side of the building.