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The majority of survey respondents and Facebook comments indicate Racine-area residents would support the idea of food trucks.

While there was concern for existing restaurants, most readers felt food trucks might be just what our area needs.

Tim Lawrence: Bad Idea they would be taking money away from the already suffering restaurants downtown. They have a purpose, industrial parks where workers have little or no access to food.

Lia Kinsley: I think it depends on where they stop. It would depend on the number of business and the number of people in those businesses that would patronize them. In good weather, the ones in downtown Milwaukee do a great business. They offer variety, convenience and they usually serve you pretty quickly. They can be pricey depending on what is served.

Bobbie Kowbel: Food trucks would be a GREAT idea. Great idea for downtown Racine I say BRING THEM ON!!

Josh Flick: They work well in Milwaukee, would think they’d do the same in Racine… I know there is a taco truck in Racine that I believe does fairly well, so yeah why not?? It’d be nice to have, yes by the beach as well as marina, but mainly in the industrial regions where people only get limited times for lunch breaks, that a food truck in the area would do great in because rather than using half your break or more to go somewhere to get food you just go out to the truck. I think that’d be an excellent idea, I’d go to one everyday.

Miro Ayotte: I think they would do well! Who doesn’t love food trucks?