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A Racine woman stole flip flops from Kohl’s on Wednesday, police say, leaving her dirty ones behind

Jessica M. Goodwin, 26, is charged with receiving stolen property and misdemeanor retail theft. According to court records:

Goodwin was at the store about 9:15 p.m. Wednesday, when someone called to report to police that she had been shoplifting. Her vehicle was parked in a handicap stall, and the officer who arrived on the scene could see her frantically looking on the ground for something.

She told the officer that she had not been able to check out items from in the store, and at first denied taking anything, according to the police report. The officer saw a brand new black clutch in a diaper bag, and she said that was something she kept with her.

Police believe the clutch was stolen from Kohl’s. The store manager said the clutch and flip flops that she was wearing had been stolen. She brought out the old ones Goodwin had left behind.

She had three children in the car with her, and stolen sunglasses were located underneath a car seat. Police also determined the handicap placard on the car had been stolen.