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The Riverside Inn could have its liquor license revoked by a full Common Council vote after a city committee Tuesday approved the move.

Committee members after a four hour due process hearing voted to revoke the hotel’s Class B liquor license because of too many police calls, alcohol stored on the premises illegally, and a handful of other violations, a story in The Journal Times reads.

Owner Sam Naimi decried the decision, claiming the committee announced well in advance its intention to revoke the license, which only covers serving alcohol in the hotel. The attached restaurant has been shuttered for years, the story continues.

The Riverside Inn has been plagued for years by people committing crimes there from drug dealing to prostitution to assault as well as for health department violations. Naimi reached a settlement with the city last June that included a suspension of his liquor license for three months while he took care of the health department concerns, another story in The Journal Times reads.

Despite Naimi completing all the tasks on his list, though, police recorded 17 additional calls to the hotel since the June settlement.

Still, Naimi is working with lenders to complete the hotel’s transformation into a Motel 6 where there won’t be any, “fly-by-nights, staying, raising Cain, and then leaving again,” Ward Seifrid, the president of Construction Services Group Inc. told the committee. The newspaper is also reporting the redevelopment of the property could cost around $1 million and includes an overhaul of both the interior and exterior of the building, including the individual rooms.

The Common Council will vote on the revocation at its Nov. 7 meeting.