It’s been about a week now and Rocky is still at the WHS Racine Campus waiting for his match. He’ll stay for as long as it takes to find a family, but we know he’d be so much happier in a loving home. He was the dog who was badly beaten by his former owner.

He deserves a wonderful home, but we also know he’s untrained, exuberant and a total handful. Not an easy dog, but the work someone puts into him will pay off tenfold. 

Earlier this month, Rocky’s owner was arrested for alleged animal abuse after witnesses saw his former owner beat Rocky with a variety of objects. He was brought to the Wisconsin Humane Society and received X-rays, which did reveal an orthopedic injury that does not require further treatment at this time.

During his stay, our behavior experts have been working with Rocky on his manners. Though he’s still full of puppy energy, we’re proud to say that Rocky is very smart and an eager pupil; all he needs is a patient guardian who is committed to continuing the training we’ve started with him. Despite all he’s been through, Rocky is such a happy, bouncy guy. He loves tossing around his plush toys and is very treat motivated. Rocky’s play style is still a bit rough, so he shouldn’t be going to dog parks and should be monitored while interacting one-on-one with other dogs. For the same reason, Rocky is looking for a home without small children under 8.

View his profile online here:

The Wisconsin Humane Society Racine Campus at 2706 Chicory Road; he’ll be available when we open at 2pm on Friday (6/22)!

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