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Soon-to-be village trustee Mike Rosenbaum will be a new face on the Sturtevant Village Board.

The board is also losing Trustee Chris Wright, who came up short in the at-large election. Wright was the chair of the Finance and Budgetary Committee and the Economic Development and Redevelopment Committee.

On the election, Wright said, “I wish the board good luck and I’m looking forward to having my Tuesday nights free.”

Rosenbaum told Racine County Eye the win “feels excellent.” He said he plans to, “Start on getting amends from everybody.” Referring to village relations with SC Johnson and Racine Unified.

Despite his lack of experience, he plans to get “hands on” and “Dig deep,” adding that he’s “up to any task” that future village president Jayme Hoffman puts him up to.

Sturtevant Village Trustee

  • Chris Wright 281
  • Mike Rosenbaum 367
  • Mark Villalpando 339
  • John Johnson 310

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