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Varsity/Junior Varsity Week 2 Overwatch

W2 Varsity Park v Appleton

The Washington Park Panthers kept their thunder rolling and claws sharp with another sweeping 4-0 victory. Their aggressive plays once again allowed them to perfectly pace the game in their comfort zone. Park, being a new team this year for the competitive circuit, is certainly a force to be reckoned with. As shown here with a dominating play by Arfus, (Anthony Torvicia, Grade 10) and his mastery of Reaper. We look forward to see what week 3 has in store for these cats!

W2 Varsity R.E.A.L. School v West Salem

It seemed like a different team from last week’s game was in the Basement, as R.E.A.L. School opened fire against West Salem with a 4-0 sweep. They never once let up on their pressure, and aggressively moved to control each objective with precision. As shown by SoulCrusher’s (Zachary Tinker,) Bastion as he made his map controlling ability look effortless and casual. If they keep this up, they’ll become a dominant threat in the games to come.

Press secretary Wesley “Fire King” Haskins had this to say:

“Week 2  Real played: west Salem high 

Game 1

Play of the game: soul crusher. aka: zack tinker 

Character: Tracer

Play: they killed three contested the point and won against west Salem 3-0

Game 2

Play of the game: nebula. Aka: Ernesto Dagnino 

Character: Reinhardt 

Play: killed 4 destroyed west Salem 3-0

Game 3 

Play of the game: singer2104. Aka: conner sing


Play: killed 4 kept west Salem off the point

Game 4

Play of the game: soul crusher. Aka: zack tinker 

Character: bastion 

Play: killed 3 kept west Salem off the point 2-0″

W2 Varsity Case v R.E.A.L.

Once again showing their dominance in play, the Case Legends Captain Hunter Cochran had this to say:

“Our week 2 scrim against R.E.A.L. was one of the best games we’ve had in the past 2 seasons. Scrims and games between RUSD teams are always competitive, but we also have a lot of respect and sense of friendship between different teams, so it makes it a lot more fun than playing non-RUSD schools. The current R.E.A.L. captain, Connor, was one of Case’s players last year, so we already have a really close tie to their team in that way. It made it really fun to go against his team. I would say that all RUSD teams are Frenemies. In my experience, we all want to beat each other, but we have a lot of ties in friendship from earlier in our lives. This allows us to keep building those ties through competing.”

W2 Varsity Horlick  v  Waterford

In another victory to set them ahead 2-0, Horlick won over Waterford with their intense, quick to make a pick gameplay. 

Written by “Godzo” himself, Angel LaRosa had this to say:

“After we are done we all get a feeling of relief and happiness. All of us give each other high fives and fist bumps. Its a very nice feeling to be able to do something i enjoy with my friends and compete against the other schools in the area. Everyone in the RUSD area are like brothers and sisters, despite being competitive towards each other we love when the other succeeds.”

Play of the Game brought to you by Kortendick Ace Hardware

W2 JV Case v Waterford

Win 4-0

Showing their prowess in full effect, the Junior Varsity Case team swept Waterford in their week 2 match. Press Secretary Michaela Rodriguez had this to say-

Michaela Rodriguez,

    ‘This past week’s Overwatch match saw the  Case Legends JV green team have a great game against Waterford’s JV team. The Legends  had swept Waterford’s team 4-0. Legends captain, Collin (GotDairy), who is the captain of Green team, had shown strong skills with Junkrat. Collin made great plays with Junk’s riptire, going behind enemy teams and bringing down Waterford’s Bastion.

Another player who did amazingly, Ariel (ArielAJ), who had shown amazing skills on placing her turrets with Symettra. She had taken our players of any kind, from support to tanks which gave her 41 kills in which 30 were from her turrets. Near the end, player Jacob choose Genji, which wasn’t very popular among the other teammates but ended up doing super well in the end. Overall, the team had shown great communication and support overall which I believe led us to our wins and the domination of Waterford’s team.”