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Regency Mall

We asked, and you answered: What would you like to see at Regency Mall if it becomes more of a lifestyle center instead of a mall?

CBL & Associates, owners of Regency, are selling 21 of its shopping malls, according to a story in the Milwaukee Business Journal.

Whether or not Regency is on that list remains to be seen, but some properties have transitioned to being lifestyle centers, which include more dining and entertainment options.

Here are some of your ideas:

Brian Tarwid – A lifestyle center is more about the experience VS just stores. Most have at least one or two high end dining establishments, bowling, movie theater, etc. An IMAX would be a really good idea! A lot of the newer malls around the country are adding them.

Eric Weiss – Live music!

Stephanie Smith – I don’t care where you they put a new restaurant, but this town needs some better eats. Not the cookie cutter chains but some good food at affordable costs. Also a nightlife bar/restaurant is also something to think of. Something with an accessible entrance from the outside with outdoor dinning.

Bridget Lamb Nimz It’s dark. They need some more natural light, maybe solar tubes could be installed. Also there are no sitting areas besides those outside the restaurants. It’s not like Southridge where it’s bright, and you can take a break, grab a coffee and sit for a few minutes.

Justin Hankins – Perhaps a new “mini” theater and some new fountains would be nice. Making the Mall more family orientated could be beneficial as well.

Katie Richter – They need to limit who comes in the mall first. Isn’t it Mayfair that has a rule against underage kids without adults after a certain time? Maybe they need to start there. I also think location of our “food court” is a huge negative. Why not be in the center of the mall where more mall traffic crosses?