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Maggie Nielsen, a local area nurse, is hosting a backpack and school supply donation drive. The event is being organized through an Amazon Wishlist to benefit the Racine Women’s Resource Center and students within the Racine Foster Care System. Nielsen is looking to make a positive impact and is also accepting donations through her Venmo account.

Nielsen got the idea to host the back-to-school supply drive after coming across a video on social media. With the urge to give and experience donating to local shelters, she thought what better way to give back as the school year approaches?

She shares, “I used to do different donation drives for local shelters, but during COVID, and being a nurse, it got put on the back burner. I want to get back into volunteering and giving back to our community.”

Those hopes and desires have come to fruition. Through the Amazon Wish List and monetary donations from community members, a variety of school supplies has been gathered. But she’s not done yet.

Boxes of school supplies are ready to be packed into backpacks. – Credit: Maggie Nielsen

Nielsen reports that, as of now, 24 backpacks have been stuffed with supplies like calculators, pencils, notebooks, highlighters, and anything you could think of needing for the school year. Through the fundraiser, Nielsen is going to stuff an additional 24 backpacks. Her efforts will total 48 backpacks full of useful supplies. The donations collected will be delivered between the Racine Women’s Resource Center and to foster children within Racine County. They will provide two backpacks for each grade level, from 1st through 12th grade.

School supply donations needed

Nielsen is working to do her part and encourage others to do so as well. She is aiming to have all donations collected by the middle of August. If interested, shop the school supply wishlist online. When purchasing from the Amazon Wishlist, items will be mailed and delivered to Nielsen.

“The outreach and amazing show of kindness I have seen from people with this donation drive is inspiring” comments the donation drive organizer.

“We, as a community and a world, have been in some unkind times lately, and we could all use some kindness.”

Maggie Nielsen

school supply donations can also be made through monetary gifts. If you’d like to make a donation, use Venmo to do so by sending money to Maggie Nielsen’s account, username @mimi37925.

This isn’t all that she has in store. She shares, “my plan is to continue each month with different donation drives, for different causes and options, for our community. Truly, I just want people to recognize how easy it is to be kind and show others this with even the smallest of acts of kindness.”

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