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Every once in awhile something happens which brings a community together.  You might recall a few weeks ago a young autistic boy, Andrew Ounkham was lost from his home in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  The entire area came out to help find him.  Law enforcement, fire and many other aspects of public safety were activated to help find this boy.  What is not very well known is the story of how a local business in Kenosha was called upon by Waukesha officials to help out too.

Adam Andrews, Owner and Director of Operations at Aeroworks Productions, LLC and Jay Imroth operate the full time business selling and providing high level services for consumer as well as professional remotely operated aircraft, otherwise known as drones.  Adam has over 25 years of experience in both general aviation and remotely piloted aircraft.  His emphasis  on community outreach was invaluable during the search and rescue operations in Waukesha during the search for Andrew Ounkham.

What can be done with a drone that has a heat sensitive camera can help locate lost people as well as isolate where no individuals are found.  In this particular case they were able to assure with certainty where Andrew Ounkham was not located.  Covering in minutes instead of hours the flying drone with a “Flir” camera can cover so much more space than hundreds of people could.  But it is painfully detailed work.  Working with Public Safety personnel covering many acres of space, they were able to help where people should put their emphasis to find Andrew Ounkham.   Adam Andrews certainly does not take the credit of finding Andrew Ounkham but certainly he provided key information on where people should not look, in this specific case.  During the following morning two teenagers found Andrew Ounkham and called 911.  A very happy result for sure.

Sometimes a story can only be properly told by the people who volunteered their help.  In this case Adam Andrews and Jay Imroth hosted a Video Blog (Vblog) which provided very interesting information from their point of view.  In fact, they wish to expand their search and rescue capabilities so when a need occurs in and around Southeastern Wisconsin, they can respond to Law Enforcement’s call for help.  They detail these goals and the need for help from anyone in our area.

So, take a few minutes and capture the essence of this search and rescue.

Just click on the play button on this YouTube video:


As detailed in the above video, Adam Andrews is seeking to fund $10,500 to obtain a properly outfitted drone specifically for search and rescue purposes.  If you wish to help with a donation, please see his GoFundme “Save a Life with Drone” page at the following link: