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Trustees from Caledonia, Mount Pleasant and Sturtevant met Wednesday for the first time to discuss potentially funding a study to determine the feasibility of pulling away from Racine Unified.

Kevin Wanggaard is serving as chair of the group that also includes David Prott from Caledonia; David DeGroot and Gary Feest from Mount Pleasant; and Chris Larsen and Chris Wright from Sturtevant.

Copies of the 2008 feasibility study were distributed, and committee members plan to read it over the next week before coming together for another meeting to discuss changes in the last seven years and what new information is needed.

The committee was put together on the initiative of Caledonia President Bob Bradley after trustees there voted to not fund an independent study despite residents voting “yes” on the referendum question on the April ballot.

Residents in Sturtevant also approved the exploration of a new district. Mount Pleasant residents did not have a question on their ballot, but village trustees are participating in the committee.

The study is considered to be the key to persuading Madison lawmakers to change the statute that dictates how unified school districts can both be dissolved and come together. Current law states the unified district’s board of education has the final say, and independent school district organizers want the new statute to leave it up to a referendum of school district residents.

During the meetings, which are considered work sessions, there will not be public comment, but interested residents are welcome to attend.