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Water in Sink

Sturtevant storm and wastewater committee members discussed a potential rate increase Tuesday, but in the end decided to wait until after village officials get the numbers from second-quarter billing.

Trustee Chris Wright confirmed Tuesday after the regularly scheduled continual committee meeting that what the village ends up charging residents relies on how much Sturtevant gets billed by Mount Pleasant and the City of Racine.

“We decided to hold off any decision until after the second quarter billing is received from Racine and Mount Pleasant,” he said.

Sturtevant is billed by Mount Pleasant for the amount of water and wastewater that flows through that village. The city bills Sturtevant for both flow and treatment of wastewater.

Village residents – both metered and unmetered – pay a flat $130 per quarter for sewer service. Increases usually occur in $5 increments, but Wright said his committee didn’t discuss how much a potential increase might be.

“We will look at that in July,” he stated.