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City of Racine residents could soon see a $27 flat annual fee on their tax bills to finance sidewalk repair and replacement instead of property owners paying individually.

The Committee of the Whole approved the measure 6-5, and passed it to the Common Council, a story in The Journal Times reads. If the City Council also approves the fee, Racine will become the first municipality in Wisconsin to fund a sidewalk program in this manner.

Communities in Corvallis, OR, and Ithaca, NY, do utilize a fee system, and if approved here, would generate $600,000 within five years, Public Works Commissioner Mark Yehlen told alderpersons last week.

All city properties – including religious and any parcels owned by Racine Unified – would be assessed the fee, the story continues.

Jeff Coe, Jim Kaplan, Melissa Lemke, Q.A. Shakoor, Steve Smetana, and Dennis Wiser voted yes; Ray DeHahn, Mollie Jones,Terry McCarthy, Henry Perez, and Sandy Weidner voted no.

The entire City Council will vote on the fee at their regularly scheduled meeting at 7 p.m. Oct. 6 in Room 205 at City Hall, 730 Washington Avenue.


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