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Sometimes, it can be hard to identify the signs and symptoms of mold growth in your home. It can develop under a few basic conditions without us ever knowing. Never tackle severe or hidden mold cases on your own, though—call a professional. Whether you’re concerned about your current home or one you plan to buy, look out for these signs you need to hire a mold remediation company.

Recent Water Damage

One of the biggest red flags for mold growth is water damage. Whether it’s due to flooding, an overflowing bathtub, failing appliances, or plumbing issues, water damage in the home can produce all the right conditions for mold growth. A remediation company is ideal for cleaning and restoring areas of your home that mold has affected, and water and mold can often lead to structural damage. It’s extremely important to contact a professional if you have mold resulting from water damage.

High Humidity Levels

If you haven’t been monitoring—or don’t know how to monitor—your home’s humidity levels, you might be at risk for mold growth. Consider calling in a mold remediation professional, as they can assess your home and bring it back to standard humidity levels. Mold thrives in damp, dark environments, so a humid house can easily develop mold in dark, cramped spaces that we can’t always see. In this case, getting help from a professional is crucial to discovering such molds.

You’ve Found Mold

If you find visible mold in your home, that may be a job for a mold removal expert rather than remediation. However, depending on the severity and size of the mold growth, it may have spread to other structural areas of the home, which a remediation expert will need to address. If you discover mold, especially large, dark patches of it, it is best to distance your family and pets from the area and call a mold expert for professional cleaning and removal.

When you encounter signs of mold in your home, don’t just let them fester, or you could have a much more significant problem on your hands. Look for these signs you need to hire a mold remediation company, and reach out as soon as possible when you discover any of them. Acting fast can prevent any further mold growth and will protect your family and pets.