Sara Dresen‘s love of softball will be honored during a charity tournament Sept. 10 to benefit both the St. Catherine’s Varsity Softball Team and Sturtevant Youth Baseball Association (SYBA).

The Sara Dresen Softball Scamper Slow Pitch tourney gets underway after a 10 a.m. at Firemen’s Park on Charles Street in Sturtevant following the dedication of the tee-ball diamond in Dresen’s name.

Dresen, 13, was killed last year while she was jogging near her home by a drunk driver.

Sturtevant trustees earlier this spring approved naming the tee-ball diamond at Firemen’s Park the Sara Dresen Memorial Field.

Players who want to participate will pay a $10 entrance fee each with a completed application prior to registration the morning of the event. Some 200 applications have been requested, according to posts on the event page on Facebook.

There is enough space for 104, 12 to 17 year olds and the first 52 players age 18 and older.

All applications must be received prior to Sept. 10, and players should plan to arrive at the park before 9:30 a.m. to register so they can be placed on a team. Male and female players are welcome.

There is a raffle planned as well, and donations are currently be accepted. Leave a message on the tournament’s Facebook page for an application and more information.