Fire services for the Village of Elmwood Park will be provided by South Shore Fire Department according to the terms of a new, five year contract approved this week.

After the Villages of Wind Point and North Bay approved in September contracts with the Caledonia Fire Department, the Elmwood Park contract means the Racine Fire Department is no longer serving any of the city’s neighboring communities.

The City of Racine’s contract priced out at $46,923.65 for the first year with 10 percent increases in each of the following four years compared to the SSFD contact at $42,232 followed by 2.5 percent increases each year, a story in The Journal Times reads.

Elmwood Park President Ellis Steiner told the newspaper that South Shore officials were upfront about increased response times, but village leaders are comfortable with the margin; the village is located just a mile from the RFD station on Blaine and two miles from the SSFD station on Highway 31.

Additional details of the contract include resident rates for ambulance services and fire inspections for certain commercial spaces like the small number of businesses along Lathrop Avenue and the church and school across the street from each other at Lathrop and Taylor Avenues, the story continues.