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Eyes Of The Son (Cleopatra)

Kentucky band OTIS brings their Southern rock show to town this weekend, with an appearance at George’s Tavern on Main. On tour to promote their latest Cleopatra Lp, “Eyes Of The Son,” this young quartet looks primed to blow the roof off the joint.

While The Allman Brothers are an obvious touchstone of the band, they sound far more ravenous in their interpretation of their chosen genre. The opener, “Change,” and “Blind Hawg,” both sound like The Black Crowes at their most aggressive, and that’s a good thing. For me, the standout is their gritty ballad, “Turn To Stone.” Lead vocalist Boone Frogett pleads with the best of them, in this ode to a derailed relationship.

OTIS is a band that I expect you’ll be hearing a lot about in the days to come, as their energy and passion come through in every song. They’re here on a mission, to prove that Southern rock is most definitely not dead. Now is the time to experience them in an intimate setting, as they are undoubtedly destined for bigger things.

Catch the band tomorrow night, May 3rd, 8:00 pm at George’s Tavern, 1201 N. Main Street, Racine, Wi., 53402, (262) 632-6469. Please call venue to confirm.

By Dan Pavelich