Police say they found a crack pipe when they searched a woman who was acting suspiciously during a Monday traffic stop for speeding.

A police officer began following Ellynn M. Zittell, 54, about 3:30 p.m. Monday, while she was driving south on Highway 32, near Durand Avenue. The officer reported she had changed lanes to get in front of vehicles traveling the speed limit, and then began accelerating.

The officer reported she reached 62 mph in the 45 mph speed zone, and that as they approached Highway KR – also the border with Kenosha County – he initiated a traffic stop.

The officer reports the woman was on her way to pick up he paycheck, and said she did not have car insurance. As the officer prepared citations, he saw her moving around a lot, touching the visor, lighting a cigarette and looking at him through the driver side mirror.

He also learned she was on probation for possession of cocaine.

The officer reported he gave the woman the tickets, and returned her license, and as he walked away asked if she had anything in the vehicle that he should know about, and if he could search the vehicle. She agreed to the search, first of the car, and then of her person.

While searching, the officer reportedly found a piece of burnt Chore Boy in her pocket, and then two crack pipes in the car.

Zittell is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.