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Racine County Sheriff

After weeks at home on summer vacation, kids going back to school is usually a pretty exciting time, but residents don’t need the unnecessary trauma of a burglary.

Racine County Sheriff Chris Schmaling wants residents to know that burglaries generally increase during both the fall and spring when it’s less likely homes – including apartments and condo’s – will be occupied.

“We typically see a significant increase in residential burglaries during fall and spring,” he said in a written release. “The majority of residential burglaries occur during the daytime, when most people are at work and children are in school.”

Suspects interested in breaking in will ring the doorbell or knock. If someone answers, they usually have a ready-made speech to explain their presence in the neighborhood, and they keep moving until they find a target. If their summons goes unanswered, the residence could fall prey to a burglary.

Citizens are urged to keep a good look out in their neighborhoods for vehicles and individuals whom they’ve never seen before. If anyone thinks there’s anything suspicious going on, they are encouraged to make note of the make, model and color of the car(s) and make note of the physical descriptions of the individual(s) without approaching anyone.

Then, residents should call County Dispatch at (262) 886-2300 to report what they’re observing.