Despite having a role in drafting Act 10 – the 2011 law that reduced the power of public sector labor unions – Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn won’t agree to step down from future cases regarding it, according to a story in the Journal Times.

Hagedorn, at an event hosted by the Milwaukee Press Club and, said that recusal would depend on the situation. In particular, it would depend on whether he had a direct role in the part of the law in question.

“Act 10 involved a lot of different pieces and things, that some of which I might have been more involved in than others,” Hagedorn said. “It would depend on the type of claim that was raised.”

Judges have the right to recuse themselves from cases if they determine the case may incite a conflict of interest.

Act 10 also ended the practice of union dues being deducted directly from worker paychecks.

Hagedorn and his opponent, Wisconsin Appeals Court Chief Judge Lisa Neubauer, of Racine, face off for a 10-year term on the court on April 2.