The Racine Unified Board of Education is still no closer to choosing a new board member to fill the seat left vacant by Lisa Parham’s resignation.

Once again, the vote was a tie – 4 to 4 – between former board member Wally Rendon and newcomer John Koetz, a story in The Journal Times reads.

Last week, board members voted 25 times. Tuesday they took 11 polls and still came up with a draw, the story continues.

“It is obvious that we don’t have a majority vote and we’ve reached an impasse, and unfortunately our board policies don’t dictate how we are to proceed forward from this situation,” BOE President Melvin Hargrove is quoted as saying. “So at this point I’m going to ask for a motion for adjournment and we have to figure out as a board how do we move forward from this impasse.”

When the newspaper asked board member Dennis Wiser why he thought the BOE couldn’t break the tie vote, he said some board members want more control.

“I would say what we’re looking at now is a board where some of the individuals are looking for power rather than collaboration,” he is quoted as saying.

School board members may have to change its policy that states a vacancy must be filled in 30 days; Wednesday marks that deadline.