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After two separate instances involving two different dogs biting another animal and a resident, respectively, Sturtevant trustees are exploring a change in village ordinance to make dog owners more accountable.

President Steve Jansen reported Tuesday that he knew of a pit bull on Carol Ann Drive that attacked another dog and said he’d been approached by a woman who was jogging when she was bitten.

“I asked for this item to be placed on the Public Safety & Health Committee because I think we need to take a proactive approach before something really tragic happens,” he said.

The woman did not make a report, and Jansen said the bite broke skin but did not bleed. He didn’t know the breed of the dog involved.

Board member Carrie Harbach stressed that any vicious animal ordinance not name any specific breeds because owners are ultimately responsible.

“Dogs are dogs, but how they’re raised and trained falls all the way on their owners,” she said.

Village Administrator Mary Cole suggested that committee chair Daryl Lynaugh work with police Chief Sean Marschke to explore what neighboring communities have on their books and then craft an ordinance in the same vein.

“We are just in the research phase now, but it is something that we need to look at since there have been attacks,” Marschke agreed.