Commuters who rely on Amtrak and park their cars at the Sturtevant depot will now have the option to purchase annual and semi-annual passes in addition to choosing daily and monthly parking.

Trustees on the Finance and Budgetary Committee Tuesday agreed to send to the full village board a resolution establishing $300 and $500 parking for semi-annual and annual passes, respectively. All Sturtevant depot parking passes will be non-refundable.

“This is a positive thing because it encourages more people to use the train, it’s guaranteed revenue, and we’ve received a lot of positive messages since our board meeting last week from people who want the longer-term passes,” Village Administrator/Clerk Mary Cole said.

Daily passes are going up from $5 to $7 on December 1, and the new monthly, semi-annual and annual passes will also go into effect that day. Buying a monthly pass saves commuters $3.30 per day, and the semi-annual and annual will save residents $4.69 and $5.08 per day.

Racine resident and commuter Jennifer Adamski-Torres last week approached the village about implementing annual parking passes after learning the monthly rate was rising from $60 to $80.

“Raising the monthly rate to $80 makes it more expensive for me to take the train than driving and parking in Milwaukee,” she said.

Using the Village of Glenview, IL, as an example, Adamski-Torres asked for trustees to consider an annual pass.

After compiling some figures based on a $7 daily rate and an $80 monthly rate, committee chair and Trustee John Johnson suggested the village consider both a semi-annual and an annual pass.

The Sturtevant Village Board meets at 6 p.m. at Village Hall, 2801 89th Street. Call (262) 886-7200.