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Turnout in Sturtevant was low Tuesday for the spring primary election to choose two candidates for the April general election for municipal judge. Only 182 registered voters of around 3,300 cast a ballot.

In the end, residents chose incumbent Robert Niemiec and former Sturtevant police Officer Stuart Ten Cate:

Robert E. Niemiec-82
Stuart Ten Cate- 47
Kathleen A. Lynaugh-29
Steven Brown-22

Niemiec has served as the village judge for the last 15 years and typically runs unopposed. This is the first year in recent memory that he faced any other interested parties.

All four candidates participated in a forum Feb. 4 sponsored by Racine County Eye and the Racine Taxpayers Association.

Niemiec and Ten Cate will both appear on the ballot for the April 7 general election.