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Sturtevant Police


Police call volumes in Sturtevant are up, but that’s not necessarily bad news because it means officers are out patrolling village roadways.

Trustee Jayme Hoffman, chair of the Public Safety and Health, said at a village board meeting earlier this month that using part-time officers is making a difference.

“Having part-time officers really helps, and they are doing a good job making sure people are obeying the law and catching them when they don’t,” he said.

SPD Chief Sean Marschke in 2012 suggested hiring part-time officers after both a full time and a part time officer resigned. At the time, he said the part-time officers would give the department flexible scheduling and save the village money since part-time officers are only paid when they are on duty and are not eligible for benefits.

Village President Steve Jansen noted that local drivers used to be careful driving through the village because of the police department’s reputation for enforcing the law. He credited Sturtevant’s part-time officers will helping restore that general impression.

“We are getting our reputation back, and that is a good thing,” he said.

Typical call volumes wax and wane depending on the season, with officers busier in spring, summer and fall. Last month, though, Sturtevant PD recorded 714 calls; 269 of them traffic related.

“There is more traffic, more crashes and more OWI and criminal activity,” Marschke said. “We are still understaffed, and the ability to use part-time officers helps temporarily fill the void in staffing while efficiently using the financial resources of the village.”