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Off-duty Sturtevant police officers will no longer work security at the Marcus Renaissance, and what the company plans to do remains up in the air.

Sturtevant trustees voted last week to reject a new contract proposal from Marcus that would have shifted the responsibility from the company to the village for liability, insurance and payroll.

For the past several years, Marcus has employed off-duty officers as security at the theater. While the officers were at the cinema, they were paid by Marcus and the company assumed all liability, insurance, and payroll responsibilities.

But, after a change at the corporate level, Marcus proposed the officers work security while on duty, which shifts liability and insurance back to Sturtevant. The village would pay the officers at the overtime rate, and the company would reimburse Sturtevant, something police Chief Sean Marschke said he was fine with because there is a benefit to having an officer on the premises at night and on the weekends when crowds are largest.

“I’m neutral on this,” he said at a committee meeting last month. “There is some benefit to having an officer there, but if something were to happen even if the officer is employed by Marcus, then jurisdiction reverts back the village anyway.”

Messages to Marcus have not yet been returned.

Village Board members John Johnson and Steve Jansen rejected Marcus’ proposal, saying that the arrangement had been working and village taxpayers can’t be responsible for any potential issues on private property.

Mary Cole, village administrator/clerk, said the company contracting with the village for officers to work one-time events is fine because costs are set and can be easily reconciled with the budget, but an on-going situation where the village bears all the responsibility is unacceptable.

Marschke pointed out that if Marcus contracts with a security company, Sturtevant officers always have the option to apply for those positions.