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Residents in Sturtevant overwhelmingly supported Republican candidates in the election Tuesday but they went against extra funding for parks and schools.

Total turn out in Sturtevant was about 71 percent, well above the 56 percent statewide predicted by the Government Accountability Board. The village has 3,205 registered voters, and 2,264 ballots were cast, including 200 new registrations.

Unofficial results read off the tape by Village Administrator/Clerk Mary Cole put Gov Scott Walker, Rep. Paul Ryan, Rep. Robin Vos, Brad Schimel and Van Wanggaard ahead of their Democratic challengers by fairly large margins.

Gov. Scott Walker: 1,267
Mary Burke: 972

Rep. Paul Ryan: 1,369
Rob Zerban: 856

Rep. Robin Vos: 1,249
Andy Mitchell: 899

Brad Schimel: 1,185
Susan Happ: 927

Van Wanggaard: 1,259
Randy Bryce: 924

Sturtevant residents turned down referendums that would have provided extra funding for both village parks and the fireworks as well as for school maintenance throughout Racine Unified.


No: 1,369
Yes: 719

Racine Unified:

No: 1,128
Yes: 984

Reaction about the parks referendum on the Racine County Eye Facebook page was swift.

Rob Amos has been a member of the all-volunteer fireworks committee since 2007 when the event was taken off the village budget. He suggested that since residents rejected fireworks funding, that the fireworks become a thing of the past.

“I guess they don’t care about fireworks and parks. So I say no fireworks this year…..see how they like that,” he wrote.

Village President Steve Jansen was also dismayed.

“Less than $20 bucks a year to preserve the Fireworks and to help upgrade the parks and get the Rec program back up & running for the kids. The voters have spoken!” he said.