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Rezoning the Sturtevant SportsPlex from industrial to commercial property will go before the village Planning Commission in the coming weeks.

Approving the change is the first step for the Renaissance School’s relocation and consolidation from two buildings in Pleasant Prairie and Mount Pleasant.

Renaissance is a private school, and many of its students attend using state-funded vouchers. Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative (LUMIN) is the organization that operates the schools.

SportsPlex owner reiterated to board members Tuesday that he will voluntarily surrender his liquor license for the school’s relocation.

“Fernando attended the meeting and is more than willing to go along with the plans for Renaissance,” Village President Steve Jansen said.

Bahena holds a liquor license in order to hold large special events in the banquet hall and in the 3 Monkeys bar area. Giving up the license would mean the end of both, but sports leagues for soccer and volleyball, for example, will not be impacted.

School officials earlier this month presented plans to trustees to reconstruct the banquet hall area into 17 classrooms and building a playground in the adjacent green space to the east.

The rezone is necessary because Jansen said village ordinances prohibit institutional, church, and non-profit uses under industrial zoning, but those uses are allowed under a commercial designation.

“Commercial zoning can accommodate the school and stays consistent with the rest of the Renaissance Business Park,” he added. “The land just north of the SportsPlex is also zoned commercial so the school could take advantage of that when it’s ready to expand.”

Plus, Jansen said, he’s learned that business parks across the state – including in Pleasant Prairie – often feature a school.

“Parents like it because they can drop their kids off, go to work, and pick them up on the way home,” he continued.

If the Planning Commission approves the change, there will be a statutorily required public hearing.

Assuming all goes to plan, the Renaissance would be fully operational as a K4 – 8th grade school for the 2015-2016 school year.