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Sturtevant trustees Tuesday unanimously approved the rejection of land purchase offers from SC Johnson for both a straight deal for the village’s yard waste site and to buy a parcel for a new waste site.

Village President Steve Jansen said the board agreed the 8.5-acre yard waste site located north on 87th Street at the border with SCJ’s Waxdale manufacturing plant is not for sale.

“Why should we sell our property that has served residents for decades and will continue to serve residents for decades?” he said after the meeting.

Company spokesperson Kelly Semrau told The Journal Times that she was taken completely by surprise by Sturtevant’s decision.

“We’re exceedingly disappointed,” she is quoted as saying. “They had encouraged us in the negotiating sessions to make an offer, to look at other sites, to have something that would be equal to what they have now, and we did. It’s confounding.”

This is the latest, but perhaps not last, step in settling the issue of Willow Road, which was supposedly laid to rest last week when Sturtevant dropped plans to re-direct the road ahead of a state plan to widen Highway 11 from 92nd Street to Highway 31.

Semrau told the newspaper she isn’t sure what, if any, action the company will take next.

Jansen said his board is ready to move on, to concentrate on projects that will continue to bring development and much-needed jobs to the area.

“We’ve wasted enough time – 17 years – and money – a lot of money – on this issue,” he said. “We felt we were being bullied and it wouldn’t have been a good deal for residents, so it’s time to move on because we have a lot of really great things going on here.”