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Celebrate March’s Sugar Moon (also known as the full moon) and the Spring Equinox by hiking and stargazing at Richard Bong Recreational Area, 26313 Burlington Rd. This family-friendly event provides a fun way to enjoy the outdoors while learning some native tales. Stargaze, gather around a campfire and listen to the story of Star Maiden from 6:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. on March 18.

First, Melody Orban, a retired educator, will share information about the full moon and share the Star Maiden story. The old Ojibway tale still sparks the interest of young and experienced outdoor enthusiasts alike. Kick off the night by meeting at shelter 1. Guest should note that you will need a Wisconsin State Park sticker to enter the recreational area. Find more information about Wisconsin State Park stickers online.

The Sugar Moon

March’s Full Moon is referred to as the “Sugar Moon” or as the “Sap Moon” says Orban, a volunteer of the park. She adds that it’s “in reference to the tapping of maple trees to make syrup. The March moon is also called the “Worm Moon” because it appears around the time when the earthworms begin to come out of the ground. “These are all signs of Spring,” she adds.

Hike to Gaze at the Stars

After listening to the tales, snuggling up next to a warm fire and learning about the moon, get ready to hike. There will be a short hike, about 1 mile, that will lead to a nice viewing spot. Orban says, “be prepared to drive if it is a clear night.  The telescopes might be set up in a clearing where there are less trees blocking the sky. You might want to bring your own binoculars; we will have some to share.

“The sky watching is dependent on a clear sky with no rain or snow,” says the volunteer. Keep an eye on the weather to determine if you’d like to attend the event. If you’d like to support this Wisconsin State Recreational Area, follow the Bong Naturalist Association on Facebook.

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