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Jordan Woiteshek and Michelle Jenks, of Racine, for the EYE Spy medallion Wednesday morning.

Best friends Jordan Woiteshek and Michelle Jenks, of Racine, were the first to find the missing Racine County Eye medallion in Racine City Hall in the Common Council chambers.

EYE Spy is the Racine County Eye’s first ever city-wide treasure hunt. 

We hid the medallion early Monday morning, placed clues in our advertisers ads on the EYE Spy page, and the hunt began. Woiteshek and Jenks found the medallion Wednesday morning about an hour after the third clue was given. Hidden away in the Common Council chambers, the medallion was tucked away near a portrait of Racine’s founder, Gilbert Knapp.

“We were screaming with laughter when we found it,” Jordan said. “The Mayor heard  us and must have thought someone was being murdered. He came running out office and into the room. When he came in we told him we found the medallion.”

When Mayor John Dickert realized that the girls were just excited about their win, he took picture of the two with the medallion, and gave them a tour of room and the Mayor’s office.

“We apologized for screaming, we were just so excited,” Jenks said.

Woiteshek and Jenks said they started looking at the clues and realized quickly that they referred to Gilbert Knapp, Racine’s founder.

Woiteshek searched in Mound Cemetery, where many of the city’s founders are buried, and near the memorial on Michigan St. Then the two joined forces and started searching near the lakefront.

“The first two clues were pretty vague, especially if you didn’t know who Gilbert Knapp was, but as soon as we saw the third clue, we knew where to look,” Woiteshek said.

The last clue: “Spies, the medallion is hidden well in an area Gilbert watches over closely. Listening to the citizens of what used to be known as Port Gilbert; it is common for him to hear our hopes and criticisms of the city. He also watches over the decisions of our leaders.”

Prior to being Racine, the city was named Port Gilbert.

After learning more about Knapp, they decided they preferred the name Port Gilbert over Racine.
“Racine should not have changed its name to Racine, Port Gilbert sounds so much more sophisticated,” Jenks said.

Now that they’ve won a bagful of prizes from our advertisers from 20 advertisers, they  are proud to be the winners of the EYE Spy game.

“We really hope this will be a long-term thing,” Jenks said. “It was so much fun.”

If all goes well with this game, we likely will. We’ll hide the medallion once every week for three more weeks. The next game starts April 25. Check the EYE Spy page for more details.

A big thank you to our advertisers. Almost all of them submitted a coupon for the general public to use.The coupons can be found on the EYE Spy page.

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Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.

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