Racine County Sheriff’s deputies chased a vehicle early Sunday morning at speeds approaching 100 miles per hour on I-94, down Highway 11 and through part of the Village of Sturtevant before taking the driver into custody..

What started as a traffic stop for suspected drunk driving turned into a chase. Ater pursuing the driver southbound on I-94 from about Highway 20, deputies followed the car as it exited at Highway KR and headed east, ignoring stop signs and increasing to speeds of about 80 mph. They turned northbound on Highway H before heading east again on Highway 11.

Scanner chatter posted by Wisconsin Public Safety Incidents and Alerts indicates the vehicle in question was an older model with Kansas license plates. At Braun Road, Sturtevant police officers joined the chase, and a deputy is heard saying they will put spikes out on the road.

As the driver approached Highway 11, they went over the spikes and spun out before continuing east. Speeds were between 40 and 50 mph even with the tires rapidly failing.

By the time the driver passed 92nd Street, the driver’s side tires were out and smoking from contact with the road, and deputies are relaying that the car was starting to “give out on him.” The driver turned south on 90th Street to Westminster when it went over the curb.

The driver was operating only on rims on Kensington and Camelot and an officer is heard noting that a civilian in a pick-up truck attempted to stop the offending vehicle but was unable to do so.

After driving up and down random streets, the driver also runs from the vehicle near the northwest corner of the Schulte School grounds. He was wearing a grey coat with a hood.

The driver was taken into custody.

We will update this story when additional details are available.