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Memory problems: 3 warning signs to consider

Forgetfulness is common and happens to most people, including memory champions. Distraction, fatigue, depression, anxiety, absentmindedness, and many other factors may contribute. Luckily, most memory problems are simply “brain blips”: temporary episodes of forgetfulness that are not a harbinger of Alzheimer’s or another memory disorder. Common brain blips include misplacing frequently used objects, such as […]

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Bilingual Memory Café launching on June 13 at Racine Public Library

RACINE — The Racine Public Library is launching the first bilingual Memory Café in Racine. The cafe’s announcement comes during June, marking Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. The establishment of this café was made possible by partnerships with the RPL, Aging & Disability Resource Center of Racine County, Alzheimer’s Association Wisconsin Chapter, Assisted Living Locators, […]