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Coal Dust Found In 19 Of 26 We Energies Neighbors’ Homes

After learning that 19 out of 26 homes tested positive for the presence of coal-like particles, We Energies officials maintain that the We Energies Oak Creek Power Plant operation is not causing area neighbors to get sick. Despite what We Energies is saying about the test results publicly, lawyers representing the neighbors and We Energies are now scheduling times for a mediation […]

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Coal Found Inside Homes Near We Energies Plant

Some homes near the We Energies Oak Creek Power Plant have tested positive for the presence of coal-like particles inside their homes, which is at the center of neighbors’ claiming the power plant is making them sick. While the homes tested positive for the presence of coal-like particles, the amount found and the sizes of […]

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We Energies’ Neighbors Start Petition To Get Air Monitoring Station

About 60 neighbors who live around the We Energies Oak Creek Power Plant attended a meeting as Bill Pringle, a former Caledonia resident, vowed to put legislative pressure on the energy company, area Legislators and the DNR to get an air monitoring station. The meeting, sponsored by the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, was held […]

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Neighbors Negotiating With We Energies Over Health Concerns

People are getting sick around the We Energies Power Plant in Oak Creek and the power plant has just learned about the health concerns. But yet they are purchasing properties of those afflicted – and requiring confidentiality agreements as part of the sale. Neighbors have taken years to connect the dots: but as the power plant has […]

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Former Caledonia Resident Disputes We Energies Claims About Coal Dust

Former Caledonia resident Bill Pringle realized his wife’s asthma had gotten much worse after they moved to their home at 6943 Middle Road. And then his kids started having issues with asthma and he started having the same problems. He didn’t understand what the problem was until one day he walked out of his house after it had snowed and […]