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Pulling back the curtain on race, equity and inclusion in Racine County

Racine County has some significant issues around race, equity, and inclusion, specifically around health, education, and financial stability. Crystalized in the United Way of Racine County Community Conversation Report that took two years to develop, over 300 Racine County residents participated in the community-wide discussion. During an event held at Festival Hall Thursday, hundreds of people […]

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Carl Fields

“Racism was powerful for me because I didn’t know what it was…” Carl Fields, 38, moved to Racine from Chicago when he was eight years old. He went from being in an all-black school to a mostly white school. This presented its share of trouble because he always felt like was treated as “an other.” […]

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Ahmad Kweku Qawi

“No matter what, we’re human…” Ahmad Kweku Qawi, the chief operating officer for the YMCA of Racine, has not experienced racism in his life. But he is Muslim and has had more conflict over his faith than race. There he mentors black boys. And just because he’s black, he doesn’t pretend to understand their experiences. […]

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John Tate II

John Tate II is a social worker and common council member. He also graduated from Prairie School, a private school in Racine, Wisconsin. Tate talks about how being one of the few black people in the school impacted him, but he also talks about how he copes with racism. Check out more Black Men Speak […]

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Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown – a poet, rapper, and DJ – points to the number of black men incarcerated in jails, the number of police continuously patrolling black neighborhoods and the number of liquor stores in those neighborhoods as examples of systemic racism. But he also talks about being hesitant to put his race on an application […]

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Alex Hart-Upendo

Alex Hart-Upendo, 11, is a fifth-grader and already owns his own company called Build-A-Bow. But he’s also already experienced racism several times, something he feels “is just not right.” Check out more Black Men Speak videos: Corey Prince Kevin Brown Chester Todd Jr. John Tate II Mike Jackson Logan Tyler Ahmad Kweku Qawi Carl Fields […]

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