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High Winds Create A Mess For Racine County Residents

Thousands of Racine County residents woke up to not having power, downed trees and a mess Thursday morning after high winds whipped through the area. Over 2,700 We Energies customers in Racine County were without power after a storm ripped through the area Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. Throughout the region, over 17,000 We Energies […]

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We Energies Pays $1.25 Million For Land Near Coal Plant

Wisconsin Electric Power Co., the company that owns We Energies, has purchased land south of the Oak Creek Power Plant for $1.25 million, according to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Over the years, the utility has purchased 28 properties in Caledonia near the Oak Creek power plant, 4801 E. Elm Rd, Oak Creek. The parcel was […]

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Coal Dust Found In 19 Of 26 We Energies Neighbors’ Homes

After learning that 19 out of 26 homes tested positive for the presence of coal-like particles, We Energies officials maintain that the We Energies Oak Creek Power Plant operation is not causing area neighbors to get sick. Despite what We Energies is saying about the test results publicly, lawyers representing the neighbors and We Energies are now scheduling times for a mediation […]

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Local Doctor Says Coal Bad for We Energies Neighbors

A local doctor is refuting claims made by We Energies’ officials that the coal plant isn’t contributing to the illnesses of some of its neighbors. Dr. Michael Ganz, an asthma/allergy specialist who owns a private practice in Mount Pleasant, says that after seeing 16 people that live around the We Energies Oak Creek Power Plant […]

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Coal Found Inside Homes Near We Energies Plant

Some homes near the We Energies Oak Creek Power Plant have tested positive for the presence of coal-like particles inside their homes, which is at the center of neighbors’ claiming the power plant is making them sick. While the homes tested positive for the presence of coal-like particles, the amount found and the sizes of […]

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As We Energies Expanded Oak Creek Power Plant, So Did CO2 Emissions

Gov. Scott Walker and other states are challenging President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan through a federal lawsuit against the EPA, but the rule changes come at a time when the amount of carbon dioxide emissions from the We Energies Oak Creek Power Plant has skyrocketed. The We Energies Oak Creek Power Plant produced 11.27 […]

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State Looking Into We Energies’ Neighbors Health Concerns

After neighbors living around the We Energies Oak Creek Power Plant complained to area health departments, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services is now looking into those health concerns and complaints about the utility. Racine County Eye learned that of the 34 families (some have multiple family members) that have health issues, 30 people in […]

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We Energies’ Neighbors To Talk About Power Plant Conversion

Neighbors living around the We Energies Oak Creek Power Plant want to look at starting a petition to have the plant converted to use natural gas. The public utility completed the conversion of the Valley Power Plant in Milwaukee from coal to natural gas this year and so have a number of other power plants across […]

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Testing Begins Inside Neighbors’ Homes For Coal Dust, Fly Ash

Two third-party firms have tested four homes near the We Energies Oak Creek Power Plant to see if they positive for coal dust and fly ash. Almost 30 families have brought their concerns to We Energies about the impact of living next to the Oak Creek Power Plant, which they say has had an impact on […]

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Neighbors Negotiating With We Energies Over Health Concerns

People are getting sick around the We Energies Power Plant in Oak Creek and the power plant has just learned about the health concerns. But yet they are purchasing properties of those afflicted – and requiring confidentiality agreements as part of the sale. Neighbors have taken years to connect the dots: but as the power plant has […]

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