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Business Spotlight: Image Management

Image Management, 610 Main Street, is a local business located in the heart of Downtown Racine. This business spotlight’s clientele started with one trusty company and now has expanded into serving multiple businesses in the Racine County area. The backbone of their company is their faith. Image Management shares its unwavering passion for helping others […]

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Business Spotlight: Nissi’s Cake Room Opens in West Racine

Nissi’s Cake Room, 3214 Washington Avenue, opens its doors in West Racine despite challenging circumstances. A global pandemic, road construction, and fleeing Honduras aren’t stopping a local baker from following her dreams. Bakery owner, Nidia Irias’ love for baking wasn’t letting anything get in her way from the opening her own storefront. In September of […]

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Business Spotlight: Brossman’s Meats

Serving Racine for over the past 40 years, Brossman’s Meat Market has some of the freshest meat products available in the area. Brossman’s Meats located at 6900 State Road 31 is open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The Brossman family prides themselves in helping the Racine community through their business. Likewise, […]

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Business Spotlight: The Sausage Kitchen

The Sausage Kitchen, 1706 Rapids Drive, is a Racine favorite. Opening in 1958, the northside establishment keeps the business in the family. Similarly, they pride themselves in owning and operating this function. What makes this bite to eat so special? Ted and Lil Miller, of Kenosha, first owned the delicatessen. Since opening, the Sausage Kitchen […]

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Business Spotlight: The Color of Arden in Racine

An artist can make a canvas come alive. Now, The Color of Arden takes place in Racine. Thyla Arden, a South African born artist, allows her cultural views to influence her creativity. She uses acrylic paint and textured mediums. To illustrate, she designs using online programs. Women in Headdress by The Color of Arden Women […]

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Business Spotlight: SapSap Laotian BBQ

UPDATE: Since the writing of this Business Spotlight, SapSap has opened a brick-and-mortar location at 2343 Mead St. The article has not been adjusted due to the nature of the story. Original story: SapSap, a restaurant that features Laotian BBQ, is your ticket to food heaven. A pop-up restaurant, located at The Branch at 1501 […]

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