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Measles reported in SE Wisconsin: DHS urges residents to update vaccines against highly infectious disease

MADISON — Residents in Southeast Wisconsin are urged to update their measles vaccines after a case was reported here. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) is working with the City of Milwaukee and Waukesha County health departments to identify anyone who was exposed by the patient. For any unvaccinated individuals potentially at risk, symptoms […]

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Testing for childhood lead poisoning in Racine County dropped to the lowest levels in 5 years, here’s why that’s a problem

At any level, lead is a poisonous neurotoxin and a notorious thief of human potential. Every year, Racine County health officials witness the diagnosis of lead poisoning in over 100 children per year. However, as testing levels decrease, many children remain undiagnosed, resulting in dire consequences. The primary source of lead exposure is lead-based paint. […]

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The tale of Arvan Johnson: battling the devastating effects of lead poisoning

RACINE, Wis. — Arvan Johnson, an 11-year-old boy headed into middle school, knows about the lead poisoning that happened when he was a baby. While he doesn’t remember it, his mother, Leanna Jones, told him how he used to crawl on the floor when he was a baby in their apartment on Martin Luther King […]

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Chronic wasting disease testing offered to deer hunters by DNR for free

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is encouraging hunters to get their deer tested for chronic wasting disease before consuming venison. Hunting season is underway in Wisconsin. It is important for hunters to take precautions when harvesting deer. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS), Centers for Disease Control, and World Health Organization do not recommend […]