The “Phone Call”

If you are doing online dating, then you will eventually get to the point where you will need to make actual contact. Scary, right? I know. Sometimes it’s just easier to keep texting. But if you do that, you’ll never hear the intonations of that person’s voice, or see if you even click with step […]

When do you become exclusive?

As a professional matchmaker in the Milwaukee area, I get this question all the time. You’ve been dating a while, 3-6 months, or perhaps even less. You feel that you should perhaps become exclusive, or that you already are. You don’t want to waste anyone’s time, especially your own, and you want to become exclusive. […]

Are YOU Victim Stancing?

We have all met them. The world is their enemy-no one understands them and everyone has done them wrong. Dr. Paula Durlofsky states: “The victim stance is a powerful one—the victim believes he or she is always morally right, is not responsible or accountable for their actions, and is entitled to sympathy from others. Individuals […]