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Photo ID Needed to Vote Tuesday

Here’s the voter information you’ll need to cast your ballot in the 2016 presidential election Tuesday. In addition to the presidential election, citizens in Racine County will also need to cast a vote for who will represent the 1st Congressional District in Washington, D.C., for U.S. Senator and who will head up the District Attorney’s office. Residents […]

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Chelsea Clinton Stumps For Votes For Hillary In Racine

Chelsea Clinton’s mantra for the 285 people that showed up at the Living Light Community Center on Monday to hear Hillary Clinton’s daughter talk: That words matter, but bringing people together does as well. Stumping for her mother Hillary Clinton, who is seeking to be the next president of the United States on Nov. 8, […]

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Take Our Poll: Who Will Get Your Vote for President?

The 2016 presidential election has to be one of the most divisive in recent memory; primarily because so many Americans dislike the candidates from the major parties. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is getting more attention as a result and could take the stage with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during one or more debates. Now […]

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Should Paul Ryan Have Endorsed Donald Trump?

Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan Thursday made it official; he endorsed presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Ryan made the announcement in his hometown newspaper, the Janesville Gazette. In his op-ed, the Speaker outlines all the reasons he wouldn’t outright endorse Trump, telling constituents that over the course of multiple conversations Ryan came to […]

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Trump Says He’s Only Candidate to Save Middle Class

Republican Presidential candidate and billionaire businessman Donald Trump stumped in Racine Saturday ahead of the presidential primary election Tuesday. He told a full house at Memorial Hall that he is the only candidate who can save the country’s middle class. Prior to taking the stage, former Wisconsin Sen. Bob Kasten, Trump’s senior policy advisor Steven […]

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Trump Coming To Racine

Presidential candidate Donald Trump will be in Racine Saturday at Memorial Hall, 72 7th St., for a town hall meeting. According to a Marquette University Law School poll, Trump lags behind Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich for the Republican primary. The poll indicated that Cruz is leading with 40 percent, Trump at 30 […]

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