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LIVE JTV E-sports Fundraiser Raffle through Dec. 31

This post’s headline has been updated as the live event has ended, however, the article has not been modified. E-sports: could this be the wave of the future? E-sports has been reported as the fastest-growing sport in Wisconsin. JTV Entertainment, a local organization that is all about E-sports, is run by community leader and teacher, […]

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Case’s Velasquez Receives Esports Honor

RACINE – Dan Velasquez, general manager for Case High School’s Legends Esports team, has been named High School Esports Director of the Year by the National Association of Esports Coaches and Directors. He led the Case Legends team to a state title earlier this year and was instrumental in starting the Case High esports program […]

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Play and Learning Through Esports: WIHSEA To Implement Scholastic Esports Programs as it Creates a Local NASEF Affiliate

Esports are booming, and students in Wisconsin are excited to not just play the games, but to pursue related careers. To support this thirst for competition and education, the WIHSEA has just become an affiliate of the North America Scholastic Esports Federation. NASEF will provide free tournaments, programs, curriculum, and expertise to help scholastic esports grow […]

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Gateway To Start New Esports Club, Team In January

Gateway Technical College will be one of two technical colleges in Wisconsin to offer esports, providing a way for students to engage in structured video gaming competitions and meet and interact with others who also enjoy this popular event. College officials made the announcement during the college’s Board of Trustees meeting Dec. 19 in Burlington […]

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RUSD Varsity Esports: Week 2

Varsity/Junior Varsity Week 2 Overwatch W2 Varsity Park v Appleton The Washington Park Panthers kept their thunder rolling and claws sharp with another sweeping 4-0 victory. Their aggressive plays once again allowed them to perfectly pace the game in their comfort zone. Park, being a new team this year for the competitive circuit, is certainly […]

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RUSD Esports Team Roster

The official Roster for RUSD’s Esports teams. This Roster may change as players come and go. We will keep you posted! J.I. Case Overwatch   Varsity First NameLast NameGradeIGN (in game name)Main RoleMain Hero(C)HunterCochran12HSCrimson#1529Tank-MainReinhardtTimothyCampeau11Timothycamp#1442DPS- BrawlerReaperDominikCeleste11Invited#11390DPS-BrawlerDoomfistMarinaChaffee12xM4RIN4x#1825Tank-MainOrisaLorynDittlof12Amelie#11859Tank-OffD.VaKadenEngel12BlueAngel#11495Healer-MainLucioEmilyHutchinson10Emtheman#1618Healer-MainMercyAddisonJames-Perkin10pundude#11921DPS-AssassinGenjiLukeNavin10KrazyKrafter#11351Healer-MainLucio Junior Varsity First NameLast NameGradeIGN (in game name)Main RoleMain Hero(C)CollinJohnson11GotDairy#1234DPS-AssassinJunkratMichaelDanner10MADDMIKE34#1742Tank-MainReinhardtJacobDuda10WildRage#1144149DPS-AssassinLucioIanHazlett9zerospring64#1808DPS-UtilityReaperArielJohnston10ArielAJ#1993DPS-UtilitySymmetraMaxwellKolodny10maccwell#1499Tank-OffOrisaDominicNickel12DSiren#1843Healer-MainMoiraCortezRay11Smokegaming#1391DPS – SpammerReaperMichaelaRodriguez10MIGHTYPANTS#14950Tank – Junior Varsity Gold First NameLast NameGradeIGN […]

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RUSD Varsity Esports: Week 1

The Racine Unified School District Esports season started off with teams playing Overwatch, a team-based game where two opposing teams battle one another to capture objectives, in week one. This game features every sort of character, from the Ronin Samurai Archer, Hanzo Shimata, to a genetically enhanced hamster in a mechanized and weaponized hamster ball […]

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Racine County Eye kicks off local esports coverage

Editor’s note: Starting today, the Racine County Eye will start covering high school esports games. We are working closely with the esport teams from the Racine Unified School District. The partnership means that students will write summaries of the games. This helps students learn valuable writing skills in a fun way. We’re excited about the […]

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Esports is here in full effect

Esports has arrived in Racine and is in full effect. Not Your Parent’s Basement, a gaming lounge at 410 Main St., hosts Esports, an extracurricular competitive-based video game competition. Area high schools, including Horlick, Park, and Case have formed teams. Each of the schools held a  tryout and the best gamers from their respective schools compete at NYPB. But […]

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