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EYE Spy Game: Week 4

Dear Spies, Thanks for visiting the EYE Spy page. Your mission — if you choose to accept it — is to find the missing Racine County Eye medallion. If you succeed and are the first to find the medallion, you will win prizes from our fabulous advertisers who have so graciously agreed to be our “agents-of-influence.” […]

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Check Out Our Weekend Planner

  It’s 5 p.m. Friday and you are looking for something to do… we’ll, here’s what’s on our radar. But if you are also looking for a deal. Check out the coupons on our EYE Spy page to a number of area businesses. Have a great weekend! […]

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EYE Spy Starts NOW

We’ve hidden a Racine County Eye medallion somewhere in a public place (could be indoors, could be outdoors) and if you are the first to find the medallion there are prizes galore to be had. Watch the video, and check out our EYE Spy page to find the clues. Just a heads up, if you are […]