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Silencing Wisconsin: Most people with felony convictions can’t vote, here’s why some say that’s a problem

In Wisconsin, over 68,000 people couldn’t vote this year because of their conviction status, a practice called felony voter disenfranchisement. State law prohibits incarcerated people and those released on community supervision from voting. About 45,000 of those impacted aren’t locked up but are under community supervision. Advocates for change say the law disproportionately impacts Black […]

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Unlocking the vote: How other states have eased felony voting laws

The national conversation around felony voting rights has lingered for decades and is considered to be a hot potato for politicians. In Wisconsin, the state banned 68,000 felons from voting. This includes people in prison and on community supervision. In the United States, 5.2 million people can’t vote because of their criminal status. But the […]

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How voting, crime, and race became entwined

Wisconsin’s pattern of voter disenfranchisement mirrors larger American efforts to strip voting rights from felons. State law prohibits felons from voting while in prison and under community supervision, impacting over 68,000 Wisconsin residents. Often rooted in protecting public safety, denying voting rights to felons has been a consistent theme in the United States.  The practice […]

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